Mint Mobile’s $15/Mo Plans are Back Until October 31

Mint Mobile $15 Deal

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Earlier in the year, Mint Mobile introduced a promotion that brought the price of its plans down to $15/month. It was a smart little bundle, as Mint was essentially packaging three months of service at a discounted rate, then increasing the price once the promotional period was over. If you missed out last time, it’s now back and lasts through the end of October.

I’ll break it down for you in case all of this is news to you. During this promotional period, all of Mint Mobile’s plans have been bundled into a 3-month price that makes them $15/mo. In other words, you are pre-paying $45 for 3 months of service. Once the 3 months is up, you’ll go back to normal monthly pricing.

The plan breakdown from Mint Mobile is as follows:

  • 5GB Plan: $15/mo all the time
  • 15GB Plan: $15/mo -> $20/mo after 3 months
  • 20GB Plan: $15/mo -> $25/mo after 3 months
  • Unlimited Plan: $15/mo -> $30/mo after 3 months

As for what’s included in a Mint Mobile plan, all of these plans include unlimited talk and text, nationwide coverage on T-Mobile’s network, and both 4G LTE and 5G connections. For a bit of fine print on the unlimited plan, you actually do have a limit of 40GB of 5G data (before your data is slowed), along with unlimited LTE usage. Video streams over cellular are capped at 480p.

After the 3-months is up, Mint says they’ll send you an email with a “recommended data amount based on your usage” from that promo period. At that point, you can keep the plan as is, choose a different plan, or quit the service. Since this is prepaid, you aren’t locked in beyond what you’ve paid for.

$15/mo for this kind of plan ain’t bad at all. Do we wish it lived longer than 3 months? Yes, of course. Take advantage by following the link below.

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