Verizon Adds Unlimited Ultimate Plan, Its Most Expensive Yet

Verizon 5G

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Verizon watched T-Mobile unwrap a really expensive unlimited plan last week and wanted to make sure it was included in the conversation. Today, Big Red announced the newest of the myPlan plans, as the Unlimited Ultimate, a more expensive unlimited plan with all the data you can use, plus a bunch of international features

What’s included in this new myPlan Unlimited Ultimate? Here’s the full list features you’ll find once it goes live later this week:

  • Price: $90/line single lines; $55/line for 4 lines (w/ autopay)
  • 5G Data: Unlimited 5G nationwide
  • Premium 5G Data: Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband
  • Mobile hotspot: 60GB
  • Connected device discount: Up to 50% off 2 lines
  • International data: 10GB per month premium data
  • International calls/texts: Unlimited while abroad and to the US
  • Upgrade discount: Includes “best device promos” for existing and new customers

To break that down, the upgrades are in hotspot, where you get 60GB of data to use instead of the 30GB in Unlimited Plus. You are also getting all of that international data and connectivity, like 10GB of premium data and unlimited talk and texts when abroad. For the “best device promos,” it sounds like Ultimate customers will be offered special deals that other plans won’t have access to. And finally, if you need a smartwatch and a tablet that has cellular connectivity, you can get discounts on both and instead of just one.

Oh, and because this is a myPlan¬†plan, you can add perks at any time. Those still cost $10 per perk, just like they do on the other plans. We were hoping that this price increase to $90/mo might get you at least 1 free perk, but it doesn’t.

Verizon says that Unlimited Ultimate will hit the myPlan line-up on Thursday, August 31.

You can shop Verizon unlimited plans here.



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