Google Flights Can Tell You When Flights are Cheapest to Book

Google Flights - Best Time to Book

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Google Flights remains one of my favorite online tools of all time. It is the first place I check for flights to compare airlines, prices, times, and ultimately decide which flight looks best for my next family trip. That process is about to save me money, thanks to a new feature Google is rolling out.

Google plans to add additional data to your flight searches that show when a flight has “typically” been at its lowest prices for your destination and dates.

The image above shows how this should be displayed, with someone attempting to book a trip from New York to Miami over Xmas holiday. The flight listing suggests that booking after September 13 is usually the cheapest time, so that person should consider waiting if they were to try and book today.

Not only does this new information panel tell you when flights might be cheaper, it can tell you by how much. This example says that flight prices are at their lowest from 1-3 months before the trip and that they tend to be $59 cheaper on average. That’s pretty useful and specific information.

For those not using Google Flights after all this time, you might want to consider giving it a test run for your next trip. It can track prices for specific flights on specific dates for you, let’s you see history for flight pricing, and Google says they’ll even offer price guarantees, so if your flight drops in price any time after you book, they’ll refund you the difference through Google Pay.

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