Samsung Indeed Working to Bring Dust Resistance to Foldables

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While Samsung has upped its water resistance game over the years on its Galaxy Z foldable line, with the first models not offering any kind of IP rating and them now shipping with IPX8 ratings, we have still been waiting for some type of dust resistance to replace that X in the IP rating.

In an interview with BizWatch recently, Samsung’s TM Roh confirmed that the company is indeed working to solve this problem, but given the nature of the devices and the folding components, consumers may still have a wait ahead of them.

We are well aware of consumer demand for dust proofing, and we are making various efforts to achieve this, but due to the nature of foldables, there are many moving parts, so dust proofing is difficult.

While having the water protection is a massive bonus for buyers already, the inclusion of dust protection would be next level. For example, while water doesn’t scare me much anymore when using my Galaxy Z Fold 5, there is no way I’d take this device camping or to the beach in fear of dirt, sand, or any other sort of particulate getting inside. It’s simply too dangerous, especially when we’re dealing with what’s still a nearly $2K device.

Dust resistance on a foldable is not unheard of. Motorola’s latest Razr 40 Ultra has a rating of IP52, meaning it won’t protect against much water, but does offer solid protection from dust and other pocket debris. If we could somehow marry Motorola and Samsung’s work here, we’d have the ultimate foldable IP rating. It’ll happen, eventually.

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