Instagram Threads is Coming to Replace Twitter (Updated)

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Instagram and Meta are preparing to launch a new app this week called Threads. The timing couldn’t be better for those frustrated with the current status of Twitter, as this app is one of the many apps trying to act as a replacement or alternative.

Details surrounding Threads are slowly trickling out with launch set for July 6 (tomorrow). Instagram also pushed out app listings for it that give us some hints of how Threads might work and look.

From the description on Google Play, Threads is described as “Instagram’s text-based conversation app” and that it is a place “where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow.” The threads app will let you connect directly with favorite creators and talk to people into the same things as you, plus it could help you build a following to continue on rising up in the world of social media apps. Fun.

As for the UI, it looks like the comment section of Instagram only without the top images or videos you might see in an Instagram post. Because this is “text-based,” that makes sense, although the screenshots still show people sharing images with small thumbnails.

Instagram will have both apps and a web experience available. The website will live at and you’ll have a specific handle URL like Instagram is also planning to let you keep the name you have on Instagram if you decide to give Threads a try.

As far as functionality goes and why you would use this over Twitter, the details there are still scarce. We can see icons in a thread (post?) for likes, comments/replies, re-thread (?), and direct messaging sending. Threads will show you how many replies and likes you have, the ability to create a multi-post thread, and easy access to the people you already follow on Instagram.

If a Twitter alternative run by the company who makes Facebook sounds like a thing you would dive into, be on the lookout for it to go live at 7AM Pacific (10AM Eastern) on July 6.

  • UPDATE 12:42PM: The countdown timer just adjusted! The clock previously set 7AM Pacific (7/6) as launch, but it now is counting to today at 4PM Pacific. It’s almost time!

Download Instagram Threads: Google Play | App Store

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