Google’s Pixel Talks iPhone 14 Through Its Shortcomings in New Commercial Series

iPhone - Pixel BestPhonesForever

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Google fired up a new Pixel phone campaign today to not only hype its upcoming Pixel Fold, but to also poke a bit of fun at the iPhone 14 Pro and the advantages Google’s phones hold over Apple’s. There are five commercials in the campaign to kick things off and some are quite clever.

The new commercial series is called #BestPhonesForever. It features a Google Pixel phone (mostly the Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Fold) talking to an iPhone 14 Pro through their digital assistant voices. The Pixel phone character is that of the friend who is a mix of the new cool kid on the block and also one who has seen recent success and figured out life advantages and improvements. It’s there as a shoulder to lean on for the iPhone 14 Pro, who remains stuck in the past as the old legend who hasn’t changed much in years and needs support.

There are digs at Apple about blue bubbles, the lack of astrophotography on their phones, poor battery life (huh?), and the use of Lightning cables in 2023. Google also uses the commercials to show off its new foldable, talk free built-in VPN service, and battery sharing to revive a dead iPhone.

But the commercials are just silly enough with their commentary to make them worth watching. The best are probably “Plateau” and “Opening Up,” which you’ll find below.


Opening Up


Sketchy Wi-Fi

Seeing Stars



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