Mint Mobile Dropped All of Its Plan Prices to $15

Mint Mobile $15 Deal

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Mint Mobile, the prepaid wireless carrier in the US that (as far as we know) is still being acquired by T-Mobile, is running one of those types of deals that we couldn’t help but point out. Accompanied by another clever Ryan Reynolds promotional video, Mint Mobile announced today that it is selling all of its mobile data plans for $15/mo.

Now, before you scream at me, “What’s the catch, Kellen?” There is a bit of one. All of Mint Mobile’s plans have been bundled into a 3-month price that makes them $15/mo. In other words, you are pre-paying $45 for 3 months of service. Once the 3 months is up, you’ll go back to normal monthly pricing. What does that mean for you?

The plan breakdown from Mint Mobile is as follows:

  • 5GB Plan: $15/mo all the time
  • 15GB Plan: $15/mo -> $20/mo after 3 months
  • 20GB Plan: $15/mo -> $25/mo after 3 months
  • Unlimited Plan: $15/mo -> $30/mo after 3 months

These plans all include unlimited talk and text, nationwide coverage on T-Mobile’s network, and both 4G LTE and 5G connections. For the unlimited plan, you actually do have a limit of 40GB of 5G data (before your data is slowed), along with unlimited LTE usage. Video streams over cellular are capped at 480p.

After the 3-months is up, Mint says they’ll send you an email with a “recommended data amount based on your usage” from that promo period. At that point, you can keep the same amount, choose a different plan, or quit the service. Since this is prepaid, you aren’t locked in beyond what you’ve paid for.

If there was going to be a time to finally give Mint Mobile a try, this is probably the one. 3 months of service for $45 is a pretty good deal on any carrier and they use T-Mobile’s network. T-Mobile’s network is arguably the best in the US at the moment, especially when it comes to 5G.

Because Mint Mobile is a modern prepaid service, you can sign-up and get a physical SIM card or they’ll use your phone’s eSIM to get you up and running in a matter of minutes. Most modern phones support eSIM, like all of Google’s recent releases and Apple’s iPhones.

This $15/mo promo is good into mid-July.

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