Reddit is Fun, Sync for Reddit to Shutdown Because of reddit API Changes

Reddit is Fun - Shutdown

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Today appears to be the day that all of the major 3rd party reddit apps have decided to announce that they will shutdown, thanks to new API pricing that reddit plans to introduce. We’ve already seen statements posted by Reddit is Fun, Sync for Reddit, and popular iOS app Apollo within the past few hours.

All three have cited similar concerns about being able to afford new pricing from reddit for API access because each of their apps makes so many requests to reddit. We talked the other day about Apollo and how they believe it will cost them $20 million per year to operate under this new pricing given the number of requests their app makes each day/month. Reddit is Fun and Sync don’t believe it will cost them as much to run, but neither believe they can afford the new pricing either.

You can read Sync for Reddit’s farewell post here, as well as an earlier post about how the upcoming API changes will impact their app. Here’s the same post for Reddit is Fun (and initial concerns). And finally, here is the post from Apollo, which is in my opinion the best reddit app on iOS.

All of these apps announced that they will shutdown on June 30 because the API pricing kicks off on July 1.

Of course, reddit could change course because of the backlash they are receiving and find a way to keep these apps around. Or maybe they just don’t care and instead want everyone on the official reddit app, sort of like Twitter has tried to do off and on over the years.

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman will host an AMA tomorrow to discuss the API changes and other topics.

Any bets on whether or not they announce a reversal?



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