Hump Day Question: How’s Your Pixel Watch Holding Up?

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I’ve been wearing my Pixel Watch for about 8 months. That’s the longest time I’ve ever worn the same smartwatch. Ahead of the device’s launch, there was concern regarding the watch’s design and its domed glass, with many Android fans assuming the watch would be fragile and prone to getting scratched/shattered, versus something like the Galaxy Watch 5 that has a ring of metal protecting its edges.

My question to our community is: How’s your Pixel Watch holding up? Looking at my own, there’s a few very shallow scratches on the edges, but they are hardly noticeable. I have to look real hard to see them, so for me, it’s a non issue. Personally, I thought that the band connector mechanism would fail at some point or I’d accidentally snap a band off into the connector when trying to put on a new band, but I’m happy to report I haven’t had any issues there either. Side note: I still dislike this connector mechanism. It’s not great.

Overall, my Pixel Watch is holding up really well, so I’m curious to see if people’s experiences are aligning with mine or somehow different.

Let us know down in the comments how that Pixel Watch is looking.



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