Fitbit Gets Google Account Login on June 6

Google Pixel Watch Fitbit

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Back in April, Google told us that at some point in the summer, you would be able to login to your Fitbit account with a Google Account. The whole point was to make signing-in easier and more secure, but it also makes sense since Google owns Fitbit that you could login to their app without needing special Fitbit credentials.

On June 6, this functionality will go live, Google told us today. We aren’t sure if you’ll need an update to the Fitbit app (probably), but Google Account logins are here, although you won’t be forced to go this route just yet.

Once this migration/switch to Google Accounts begins, there will be an optional switch period to start with 2025 currently set as the year when you’ll need to be moved by. That’s close to two years before you have to use a Google Account to sign-in. That said, if you register as a new user once Google Account migration begins, you’ll be forced to sign-up with a Google account.

As a reminder, Google says it is committing to not using your health and wellness data for Google Ads purposes. Also, when you switch over to a Google account to sign-in to Fitbit, nothing about your Fitbit experience will change. You are simply signing in with a Google account instead of that old Fitbit login.

We’ll try to remind you on Tuesday when this goes live.



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