Google Sets Date to Shutdown Nest Secure and Dropcams

Nest Secure

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Google is shutting down support for a new round of products, the company announced to end the week. Owners of the Nest Secure and Dropcam devices have a year to find replacements or hope that Google will offer them a free or discounted option.

In Nest community post, Google explained that Nest Secure and Dropcam devices are old at this point and that they’ve made better products or partnered with other companies to offer better experiences that they’d rather you use. For both lines of devices, April 8, 2024 has been marked as the starting point for shutdown.

For Nest Secure specifically, Google says that all features of Nest Secure will continue to work up until April 8, 2024 and you can use the device as you have been. Once you have been cutoff, Nest Secure will disappear from the Nest app.

They don’t want you to be left without security once they cut you off, though. To make up for discontinuation, Google will reach out to you to offer a Self Setup System from ADT with a value up to $485. If that doesn’t interest you, you can opt for $200 in Google Store credit instead.

ADT and Google announced this new Self Setup product a week ago and you can see the premium version of it below. This new system has a hub, new ADT app, works with all of Google’s latest Nest devices, and can attach to various sensors (motion, temperature, smoke, window/door, etc.).

ADT Self Setup - Google Nest

For Dropcam devices, this death has been in the works for some time. As many of you know, Dropcam was the original Nest Cam and is over 10 years old at this point. The fate of Dropcams will arrive at the same time as Nest Secure, but like Nest Secure, Google is also offering an opportunity to receive a free replacement or discounted one.

If you are a part of Nest Aware, Google says they will offer you a Nest Cam (indoor, wired) for free. If you are not a Nest Aware subscriber, they will still offer you a 50% discount towards a Nest Cam.

On a final related note, Google announced that it is sunsetting the Works With Nest program on September 29, 2023.



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