Report: Galaxy Z Fold 5 Hardware, Hinge System Nearly Perfect

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Fresh intel out of South Korea has us believing that Samsung, with its fifth generation model, has perfected the hardware and hinge system on the Galaxy Z Fold. It’s reported that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will be lighter, thinner, and also feature a completely revamped hinge that has zero gaps between the displays.

For specifics, the report indicates that Z Fold 5 could weigh in at 250g, which is 13g lighter than Z Fold 4’s 263g weight. When folded, the Z Fold 5 is reported to measure 13.4mm, which when in-hand, might be noticeably more slim compared to the Z Fold 4 at 14.2mm. At least for the thickness, it sounds as if we have an updated hinge system to thank.

In the report it states that Samsung’s freshly updated hinge that will ship on the Galaxy Z Fold 5 will feature a teardrop shape versus the existing U shape. This benefits users two ways: It allows the phone to be folded flat, meaning there will no longer be a gap between the two display panels by the hinge (pictured above), and the overall design is made to be thinner. The Z Fold lineup has always been a bit cumbersome, but with these sort of changes, we’re definitely taking steps in the right direction.

The only other noteworthy tidbit from the report claims that due to the thinning of the device, there’s no place for Samsung to place the S Pen, so like all past years, the phone will not ship with a dedicated stylus slot. If you ask me, that’s a good. That leaves us more room for battery capacity.

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