Report: Rotating Bezel Makes Return on Galaxy Watch 6 Pro Model(s)

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

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Last year, none of the Galaxy Watch models, notably the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, sported a physical rotating bezel. Instead, Samsung went the capacitive route, which obviously worked fine, but definitely isn’t the same as having an actual spinning ring on your wrist.

Thanks to YouTuber Super Roader, it’s now reported and subsequently believed that the company will bring back the rotating bezel in 2023, but only for the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro model(s). Notice the plural there? It is now also reported that Samsung will release two size options for the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. Last year, there was only one massive option, not ideal for those who don’t appreciate having such a chonky piece of hardware on the wrist.

Besides the rotating bezel and two size options, nothing else is currently known, but honestly, those seem like the two biggest pieces of early information we could get. They certainly are the two most exciting. It’s still relatively early in the year, so I probably wouldn’t expect these devices to launch until Q3, but that’s just my own guess.

Rotating bezel and a smaller Pro option? Yes, please!

// SamMobile | Super Roader [YouTube]



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