HBO Max Ad-Free Tier About to Cost $1/Month More


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In the latest edition of, “Wow, This Thing Costs More Than It Used To,” HBO Max announced today that it is increasing the price of its paid tier. Already one of the more expensive streaming options, the price will increase by $1 to $15.99/month beginning this Thursday, January 14 for new customers. For existing customers, it appears you get one more billing cycle before the change takes place. How lovely.

Meanwhile, HBO Max has made headlines as of late for removing content from the platform. Subscribers have lost access to shows like Westworld and Sesame Street, and while obviously those changes don’t affect every single user, the ones that are affected by this content removal have to be ridiculously pissed. I would be. We’re all officially paying more but receiving less and only in the f*cked up reality we’re currently a part of can that be deemed as acceptable practice by these multi-billion dollar companies.

I don’t get it, folks.

Will I keep paying? Yes, which makes me a big time loser. It makes us all losers. I’m still mustering up the courage to cancel my Netflix account for the countless times they have raised my subscription price, but dammit, they have some good shows and movies. What is a hopeless content streaming whore to do? I’m stuck.

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