What Was Your Favorite Piece of Tech in 2022?

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It’s almost a new year, so now is a great time to reflect on 2022 with regards to tech. With that said, I’m curious what piece of tech might’ve been your favorite this year? It doesn’t have to be a phone or even Android related, but it at least needs to be something that is battery operated or plugs into a wall. You know, something that we’d consider tech.

For me, I have a pretty short list. There are three things I got this year that I want to highlight. My Pixel Watch, my new coffee maker, and my RGB floodlights from Ustellar.

Google Pixel Watch Review

I can’t say anything about the Pixel Watch that Kellen hasn’t already. It’s a sweet piece of tech, and ultimately, it’s my favorite new thing from 2022. It’s a great size, the performance is great, and I feel that the battery life has improved since I first put it on. For me, it easily lasts a full day, so hopefully everyone else’s Pixel Watch is holding up well, too.

Then there’s my new coffee machine, the Siphonysta Automated Siphon Coffee Maker from Tiger. Helluva name. Before being provided with this maker for the sake of writing it up, I was completely unaware of what siphon coffee was. Now that I have tried it, I can tell you that it’s pretty amazing, though, this $699 coffee machine isn’t without a few issues. While the siphoning process takes far less time than traditionally, the coffee isn’t quite as hot as I like it, and the process of making two full cups of coffee is way too long. If you’re someone who needs multiple cups of coffee each morning, don’t buy this product. However, if you live alone and take your coffee seriously, it might be worth trying it. You can always return it if it isn’t for you. Overall, the flavor of my coffees really stand out now and I’ve begun to feel bad about putting my vanilla creamer in it. Oh well.

I also received a set of RGB smart floodlights from Ustellar this year. These lights are awesome. They can be paired to your Google Home for easy control via either the Ustellar app or Google Home app, plus the automated timers and color options make setting up your home for the holidays super easy. I’ve paired these floodlights with my home’s Trimlight system and it all looks awesome. This set of floodlights is only $88 on Amazon right now, which is worth every buck. While I wish the colors on the lights could be a bit more saturated, and the Ustellar app could use a bit of work, they’re overall solid floodlights.

There’s my list. Share yours down in the comments!



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