Google Meet Adds a Bunch of Silly Filters for Work Folks

Google Meet Filters

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Filters in video calls are always a fun time when kids get ahold of a phone or computer and act like the children they are. When it’s your coworker, I’m not sure the same level of joy can be found because you know the guy that’s about to put one on. He’s not funny. He thinks he is, but he is most often…not. You are already calling into a meeting you’d rather not and Jeff wants to become a dolphin.

I bring this up because Google Meet is getting all the filters as a way to “help bring an element of fun to meetings.” Sure.

As you can see from the image up top, loghead, strawberry, and working bunny are all about to be options for you through Google Workspace accounts. You’ll access them by hitting the sparkly effects button when on a call. It’s the same area you can find background blurs and holiday themes. Now, you’ll also find a strawberry.

The rollout of these new filters started today and is under a rapid release schedule. Tell your Google Workspace admin to be on the lookout. Everyone in mad working bunny mode to end the year sounds great.

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