A Lot of Pixel 7 Trade-In Devices Delayed, Stuck With USPS

Google Pixel 7

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Been wondering when that trade-in credit will come from your purchase of a new Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro? You aren’t alone. The early flood of orders through the Google Store and the trade-in devices that were sent back through USPS on their way for evaluation before credit is backed up.

A reader tipped us off over the weekend to a delay in their refund or credit from a device they had sent back on October 28. They mentioned to us that their return had been stuck in transit for a solid 5 days in what appears to be a Nashville shipping center.

That tip prompted us to look at ours, since I also don’t recall receiving a credit for my trade-in. As it turns out, I sent my return to Google’s trade-in program on October 23 and it is indeed still hanging out in Nashville, “Moving through network” and most definitely “in transit, arriving late.”

You won’t have any trouble finding numerous folks seeing similar delays on reddit, including this thread that has almost 200 comments. Here’s a more recent thread with those same complaints.

Almost everyone there is seeing their return devices stuck in Nashville, so their devices are still not being evaluated. That’s unfortunate for those expecting a credit back in a timely manner.

I hate to refer to this as a known issue, but we saw this happen with the Pixel 6a over the summer too. For whatever reason, the service that Google uses to run its trade-in program is quite slow or maybe even overwhelmed at processing devices.

If it makes you feel any better, some folks who initially complained about the delay have since seen their tracking flip over and show delivered. Some then received the credit that was promised by Google when they ordered their Pixel 7. So it does look like things are moving, they just happen to be at a crawling pace.

To check on the status of your trade-in, you’ll have to hit up your Google Store order history (here), then find the button next to your order that says “View Trade In details.” Click that will show you where your trade-in is at in the process. If you’d like to see the USPS tracking, there will be another link for “Track your old phone.”

Let us know how this process is going.

Cheers Matt!



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