Samsung Releases ‘Night Sight’ Competitor on the Galaxy S22 Series

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Google has had photos of the night sky on lock ever since its release of Night Sight onto Pixel devices. We have been waiting literal years now for Samsung, or anybody else, to release a similar take on what Night Sight is capable of doing. Finally, on the morning of October 26, 2022, Samsung announced the initial beta of Astrophoto for the Galaxy S22 lineup, offering a unique take on photos of the cosmos.

In order to use this Astrophoto mode, Galaxy S22 owners will need to download and be running the latest version of the Expert RAW application. Once done, you can use a built-in sky guide to find celestial objects, then let AI segmentation and multi-frame processing do the work for you. Just like Night Sight, you’ll want a tripod for your phone, allowing the device to stay steady for up to 4 minutes while the device captures multiple frames and then processes them together, with the end result hopefully being an amazing shot of the night sky.

Here’s a GIF of how Astrophoto works on the Galaxy S22 series.

Samsung also highlights a new Multiple Exposure mode in the updated Expert RAW app, which is great, but it’s Astrophoto that has us excited. Galaxy S22 owners, you can now access the beta version of Astrophoto and Multiple Exposure by going to the ‘Special Photo options’ in the settings menu of Expert RAW.

And please, if you use Astrophoto, be sure to post your photos below or tag me on Twitter (or Instagram) with your shots. I’d love to see what this mode is capable of.

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