Samsung’s New Galaxy Z Fold 4 Deal Drops It to $620

Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Samsung is hosting some sort of special discount week for the next several days called “Samsung Week.” I have no idea what the point is, but I do know that they have lots of deals lined up for each day that you may want to know about. Today’s, for example, is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Depending on a phone you have in your pocket today that you might want to trade-in for a Fold 4, Samsung could sell you one for as little as $619.99. And that’s for the 512GB model, because you can get double the storage for cheaper than the 256GB model with this deal. Not bad, right?

Here’s how to get this best-ever Galaxy Fold 4 deal:

  • Pick the unlocked version or those attached to Verizon, T-Mobile, or US Cellular
  • Choose the 512GB storage model
  • Choose any color: Graygreen, Phantom Black, or Beige
  • Fill out the trade-in section to see how much Samsung will give you as an instant discount
  • Decide on Samsung Care+ (it’s not needed to get the best deal)
  • Then head to bottom checkout to see how little you’ll pay for the Fold 4

The key to this all is the trade-in section, which you likely know all about. Samsung is still handing out massive instant discounts for their own phones to try and get you into the Fold 4. The top $1,000 discounts are for the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Fold 3. However, a Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still fetching $950 off. Older phones like the Fold 2 ($900), original Fold ($875), Galaxy S21 Ultra ($850), and Note 10+ ($750) are also seeing prices that no one else will give you.

This gets even wilder when you look at the Galaxy S21 FE. Samsung will sell you an S21 FE today for $599, but you could then turn around and trade it into them for a Fold 4 and they’ll give you $700 for it. Someone make that make sense.

There are lots of prices like that, including $700 for the regular Galaxy S21, $500 for a Galaxy S10+, or $400 for a Galaxy S7. Yes, the Galaxy S7 is apparently worth $400 to Samsung.

This deal may only be good for today, so get after it.

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