Lenovo’s Prototype Rollable Phone and Laptop Need to Happen

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Foldables are soo yesterday, amirite? It’s all about rollables now, with Lenovo getting bold and showcasing its prototype rollable devices at this year’s Lenovo Tech World.

The rollable phone is merely a proof of concept, but with that said, it still looks sick. When not rolled out, it looks very compact in hand, with a quick tap on its side expanding the device into a taller shape. I know while some may appreciate more of a rollable tablet experience, I think this looks pretty good. Again, it’s a proof of concept, so it’s entirely possible more shapes/sizes are in the works over at Lenovo.

Lenovo also showed us a rollable laptop device which you can see in the video below. If this isn’t the future of laptops, then I don’t know about anything anymore. The only issue I’d have is if I’m in a rush and want to close the laptop, I need to wait for the display to roll up. Other than that, I like what Lenovo is cooking up here.

Given where we appear to be in development, we may not see either of these devices hit the market for some time, but that’s ok. We want them to work flawlessly when launched, so let’s be patient and not rush anything. Future is looking bright, though.



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