Dropping Your Pixel Watch is a Bad Idea

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As the great Forrest Gump famously alluded to while running his way across this beautiful country of ours, sh*t happens. That is the case for one reddit user who owned his brand new Pixel Watch for what we assume was about 10 seconds before it was introduced to gravity and something called the floor. The moral of this story? Try really hard not to drop your Pixel Watch on the ground because nothing good will happen.

Here’s the story from reddit user u/CHARpieHS.

So yeah… I dropped my watch the minute I got it out of the box and the screen cracked (obviously not under warranty). I dropped from a bit below wrist height, around 1meter high (I was taking it off and in the process of kneeling to plug it in). It landed flat on its face on solid floor tiles and shattered.

Ugh, you hate to see it. The point for the user’s post was actually to get opinions on how to get it replaced/repaired. According to them, Google said they’d be unable to repair the device for any cost, and since the device was said to be under no warranty, this buyer may be out of luck. There’s a chance they used a credit card that offers some sort of device insurance, but who knows.

u/CHARpieHS, our hearts go out to you and your smashed Pixel Watch. We hope everyone else can learn from this tragic accident.

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