Pixel 6a is $100 Off to Tempt Before Pixel 7 Arrival

Google Pixel 6a

Google’s cheapest and newest phone, the Pixel 6a, is discounted once again after launching in July. We’ve seen its $449 price drop by as much as $80 in its early life, giving a sub-$400 price tag to a phone that punches well above that in some areas. Today, the price dropped further.

The Google Pixel 6a is currently $100 off in a best-price-ever deal. At $100 off, you would pay just $349 for this Google Tensor-powered phone, with the Pixel software experience, 5 years of updates, great performance, solid cameras, and Pixel 6 design.

In our review, we thought the Pixel 6a came up a bit short at $449. It needed a 90Hz display and better battery life mostly, but at $349, I’d tell almost anyone with a limited budget to run to this deal. There aren’t many phones that would give you what the Pixel 6a delivers for under $400.

At the moment, you can find the $349 Pixel 6a price at the two places you like buy most of your electronics from. Amazon has it. Best Buy has it.



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