Amazon, Best Buy Will Give You $50 If You Buy a Pixel 6a

Google Pixel 6a

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The early days of a smartphone launch often mean special bonuses to try and get you to pull the trigger. Samsung does this with reservation systems that can land you $200. Motorola usually shaves off $100 or so out of the gate for a limited time. And OnePlus throws out free earbuds and other bundles. For the Pixel 6a launch, Google and their retail partners are still carrying on with a $50 bonus.

Both Amazon and Best Buy are running a Pixel 6a deal that gets you a $50 gift card to spend if you grab Google’s newest phone. There are no strings attached here and the gift cards should show up almost immediately. All you have to do is spend $449 for the phone and a gift card will then hit your inbox.

I’m not here to tell you which is the better retailer to go with, but Amazon gift cards can obviously buy you a wider range of goods. Best Buy, though, still has plenty of stuff you might want to buy in the tech and home goods sectors.

At the moment, I’m seeing all of the colors for the Pixel 6a (Sage, Charcoal, and Chalk) in-stock with pretty quick shipping or pickup.

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