Google Pixel 6 Pro Gets Rare $100 Discount, Starts at $799

Pixel 6 Pro

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Since launching back in October of last year, Google has rarely discounted its Pixel 6 line. Today, as a part of a Father’s Day sale, they are finally giving us a deal to jump on.

The Pixel 6 Pro, Google’s best phone at the moment, is $100 off and with a starting price of $799 for 128GB storage. All versions and colors should be discounted too, so if you wanted white or black with 256GB, that will also be discounted.

At the moment, only Amazon has dropped prices by $100, but Google was supposed to last night at midnight. Their offers page clearly says that the Pixel 6 Pro in the US should be discounted in a “Dad’s Day Deal,” yet it hasn’t been. I’d imagine that will happen once whoever runs their store on west coast wakes up.

A $100 discount on this phone takes this phone from already-reasonably-priced to a pretty incredible deal. I know there is a group of Pixel 6 Pro owners who had issues and would never recommend the phone, but we’ve had pretty good experiences. I spent a really good chunk of the year on the Pixel 6 Pro and was a big fan. There aren’t many phones with this set of features and cameras this good for $800.

You can read our review here.

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