OnePlus 10 Pro Gets a First Android 13 Beta!

OnePlus 10 Pro

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Probably timed for Google I/O day, OnePlus has announced the first Android 13 Beta build for the OnePlus 10 Pro. This is the first chance for OnePlus phone owners to get access to Android 13, although you should proceed with caution, as these early builds are often broken in several ways that might make your daily usage challenging.

OnePlus posted the Android 13 Beta for the OnePlus 10 Pro to its community forums, where they provide plenty of warnings, a list of known issues, and instructions for getting it up and running. They didn’t provide a sense for what’s new or what you can expect, but did mention that this is “best suited for developers and other advanced users.” So yeah, probably avoid this unless you are a wild person.

For those on the wild side, getting this up and running should be quite easy. You’ll simply download the Android 13 Beta file, move it to your phone, and then manually update with a “Local install” from the normal update page. OnePlus has also provided the files to roll back to stable Android 12.

Be aware that updating to Android 13 Beta will fully wipe your phone, almost like a factory reset. Expect to setup your phone again if you jump to this beta.

Ready to take the dive into Android 13 with your new OnePlus 10 Pro? Hit up this post to get the files, warnings, and full instructions.



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