Xfinity Rewards Gets You $1 Movie Rentals, Mobile Discounts, Supersonic WiFi Early Access

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Comcast announced the launch of Xfinity Rewards this week, a rewards program designed specifically to reward its customers for simply being customers, similar to what T-Mobile has with T-Mobile Tuesdays. The rewards are also similar, but if you’ve been an Xfinity customer for a number of years, specifically 7+ years, you’re in for some pretty sweet perks.

There are four rewards status tiers — 0-2 years gets you Silver, 2-7 years gets you Gold, 7-14 years is Platinum, and 14+ years as a Comcast customer is labeled at Platinum status. Some of big ticket perks you can receive are early access to Xfinity’s upcoming Supersonic WiFi gateway, which is a multi-gig gateway that’s publicly releasing in April, discounts at Universal resorts, Xfinity Mobile discounts, trips to Las Vegas, and plenty else.

For Xfinity Mobile, eligible Rewards customers can get up to $150 towards a new Xfinity Mobile device and up to $100 towards new or existing service. Not a terrible perk at all.

This program is completely free to sign up for, so if you’re an Xfinity customer, you might as well get some free goods. Follow the link below to get yourself signed up. Sadly, I don’t think my ISP, 18th CenturyLink, will ever offer something like this.

Sign-up for Xfinity Rewards

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