Galaxy S22 Lineup Uses Old Fishing Nets for New Material, Because Every Bit Helps

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Our oceans, while vast and beautiful, aren’t much more than massive landfills for the human species. We have hardly begun to live in harmony with these bodies of water, instead only using them for food and a dumping site. Having grown up on the beaches of Northern California, I can confirm that when it comes to trash and recyclables in the ocean, people really do suck. With that said, Samsung, whose own hands are dirty and responsible for loss of aquatic life due to pollution, wants to help.

Samsung announced this week that it is using discarded ocean fishing nets and repurposing them into a material that is to be used for the Galaxy S22 lineup. They don’t mention specifically which parts or how they are accomplishing this, but they are. It could be an internal piece of plastic or maybe a plastic coating somewhere?

Here’s an excerpt from Samsung’s announcement, detailing that this is merely a first step in Samsung’s journey to help our oceans and planet.

Now and into the future, Samsung will incorporate repurposed ocean-bound plastics throughout our entire product lineup, starting with our new Galaxy devices that will be revealed on February 9th at Unpacked. These devices will reflect our ongoing effort to eliminate single-use plastics and expand the use of other eco-conscious materials, such as recycled post-consumer material (PCM) and recycled paper. With this transformation, the future of Galaxy technology will bring leading product design and deliver better environmental impact.

Thank you, Samsung.

Samsung’s Unpacked kicks off at 10AM Eastern on February 9. We’ll definitely be bringing you all of the coverage for that.

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