Pixel Sounds Update Brings New Design, Lovely New Tones

Google Pixel Sounds

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Google started pushing out an update to its “Sounds” app for Pixel phones today that not only brings a refreshed UI, it adds a new category of sounds called “Material Adventures.” The new sounds are absolutely lovely.

If you open Google Play at the moment, or hit that link below, you should find an update to Sounds. This doesn’t appear to be a slow rollout, as I never get those and was able to update right away.

Once you have the update, head into Settings>Sound & Vibration. From there, tapping on “Phone ringtone” or any of the notification or alarm sound settings should bring up a UI like you are seeing at the top of this post. It’s very much a Material You look that’ll fit nicely in with Android 12. We have rounded corners in the swatches, color matching from the system, and that font that Google sure is fond of.

As far as I can tell, the big new addition is that Material Adventures section, which I’m not sure I can properly describe, but they are all very airy yet modern with their vibes. “Aqueous” is particularly great if you need a vibe check on a Friday.

Grab that update and let us know what you like so far!

Google Play Link: Google Sounds



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