Spotify Podcasts Get Polls and Q&As

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If you were hoping for a more interactive podcast experience from Spotify, it has officially launched as of today. Starting this week, podcasters can access new Poll and Q&A features, allowing them to make their shows more interactive with listeners.

Should your favorite podcaster play with these features, you’ll find questions and polls posted at the bottom of an episode page on the Spotify app. If you’re a creator, you can find the new features while uploading your episodes. It’s all pretty straightforward.

How It Works

  • For listeners 
    • On episodes where a creator has chosen to post a question or poll, listeners can find the posted question at the bottom of the episode page on Spotify mobile (iOS and Android). Listeners can follow the prompt to respond in-app.
  • For creators  
    • While creating or uploading an episode on Anchor, creators can find Q&A and Polls functionality before hitting publish. They’ll be prompted to provide their question and choose whether they want it to be a poll or an open-response Q&A.
    • Creators will be notified when listeners respond to their questions and will be able to view responses in their episode page on Anchor. For Q&As, they can also select responses to highlight directly on the episode page.

Is it as interactive and fun as the Droid Life Show’s trivia game? Lol, not even close, but this is still neat. These changes go in effect today, so be on the lookout for polls and Q&As from your favorite podcasts.

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