Gmail With Material You on Android 12 is Smokin’ Hot

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Material You, the new UI and general theme for Android 12, is coming to Gmail. Material You is also about dynamic color usage, based on the theme your device is using, which can be based partly on the wallpaper your device is currently using. When all used together, Material You can make for one helluva aesthetic, something we’re really looking forward to once it’s all complete and rolled out to users.

Thanks to XDA, we’re getting our first good look at Material You for Gmail. It appears to be rolling out slowly (server side), with colors from this person’s wallpaper leaking straight into Gmail. It’s an earthly green tone here, but we assume the tones can change based on your own device’s appearance.

This individual is running version 2021.08.24.394054613 of Gmail, but again, it’s a server side change, so don’t expect to see the same thing — even if you’re on that same version of the app. Be on the lookout for this, folks. If you get it, send us some screenshots. I want to see all of the beautiful color options.

In a couple of months, I’ll be rocking a Pixel 6 Pro and Material You with my favorite Google apps. I can hardly contain myself. It’s going to look so good!

// XDA



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