Please, Stop What You’re Doing and Take a Speed Test

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Earlier this week, T-Mobile was awarded the crown for fastest carrier in the US by PCMag, based on average download speed. As a T-Mobile customer, that’s pretty cool, but doesn’t necessarily align with my own personal experience. I live in a good area for T-Mobile coverage, but my speeds have never been all that impressive, and furthermore, I know that 5G icon I see on my phone means nothing when it comes to my speeds.

I’d like to have a little fun now. I kindly ask you to stop what you’re doing and to perform a speed test on your mobile network. You can use the Speedtest app, Google, or whatever you want.

I ran a test in my home and came back with 38.5Mbps download and 34.7Mbps upload at a ping of 23ms. That’s not terrible and totally usable for doing pretty much anything. However, with full bars of 5G, should I be expecting more? I mean, 100Mbps would be better, right?

Feel free to share your test results down below in the comments and we can compare. Are you indoors? Outside? Where are located? Give us all the important details so we can put the test into context.

Let’s see those speeds!



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