It’s Straight Up Cats and Dogs on Waze Right Now

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Announced this morning and here for only a limited amount of time, there’s a new option for animal lovers who want to be directed to their destination in Waze by either a dog or cat. It may not seem practical to have a dog or cat guide you, but somehow, Waze has pulled it off.

As detailed by Waze, when you select these voices inside of the app, “The dog voice is upbeat, positive, encouraging and excited about wherever you’re going (but also easily distracted), while the cat voice is skeptical, wary, smart, nervous, neurotic, but also weirdly funny and irreverent.”

That sounds about right.

In addition, there are new vehicle models to play with, such as the Meow Mobile and the Woof Wagon. If this sounds right up your quirky alley, go download the update and enjoy yourself.

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