You’ll Probably Buy the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in Green

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Thanks to a fresh leak, we’re getting an idea at what colors Samsung will offer for the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3. Honestly, they all look nice, but I think it’s a safe bet to assume most folks will be buying their fancy new foldable in this newly detailed dark green color. It’s simply too handsome to resist, at least, that’s what I’m thinking.

Beyond colors, the phone is looking more refined than ever. We can see a triple rear camera setup, gorgeous front cover display with a wallpaper that expertly blocks any hints at what the bezel situation is like, and the inside display is looking just fine. For this phone, imagine a Galaxy Z Fold 2 with an updated camera experience and some minor hardware tweaks. There wasn’t much else last year’s Z Fold 2 needed, so I can’t imagine Samsung will wow us with a lot of upgrades for this year’s iteration.

Take a look at the colors we know about so far down below. There’s the sexy green, some light prism-y color, and black. All very nice, but again, that green is going to be the one.

Should previous reports be accurate in claiming that the new line of foldable phones will be cheaper than last year’s, I hope to see many more people get themselves into the foldable game. They’re fun!


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