Verizon Offering BOGO Deal for Mother’s Day With Notable Limitation

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Mother’s Day is coming up, which means tech deals on tech deals for some odd reason. For a limited time, Verizon is hosting a good ol’ fashioned BOGO (buy one, get one) deal, so long as you’re okay with signing mom up for a select data plan through Big Red and assuming she doesn’t have expensive taste.

There is a bit of small print to be aware of, though, with Verizon only offering a free phone if its value is below $1000. More plainly, the bill credits Verizon is offering for the 2nd device purchase is limited to $1,000, meaning you’ll be left paying the difference should you get mom a phone that costs more than $1000. For example, if you buy her a Galaxy S21 Ultra carrying a retail price of $1200, Verizon will cover the first $1000 and then you’ll need to pick up the remaining $200. Same goes for all other devices.

Remember you’ll also need an eligible Unlimited plan purchase. Should you jump through all of the hoops successfully, mom will be enjoying that sweet new phone.

This promotion is now live on Verizon website and in-store.

Get Mom a New Verizon Phone

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