OMG, Google is Finally Letting You Snooze Calendar Notifications in Chrome

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At some point a couple of years, I switched to a 3rd party calendar app on my Macbook Pro because snoozing calendar notifications is something my life can’t live without. I snooze everything. You should snooze everything. The snooze button is like the ultimate procrastinator tool yet also simultaneously makes you most on-time person alive. It is magical.

Google Calendar, at least through Chrome’s notification system, has never had a snooze button. That’s pretty remarkable, since Google Calendar is basically the standard calendar option outside of Outlook that the world uses.

In the coming weeks, Google is going to rollout the snooze option to Calendar. You won’t need to do anything to get it other than allow Calendar to send notifications in Chrome and have Calendar open in a tab. If you can meet those two criteria, your life is about to be awesome.

As you can see in the preview image below, snooze will rest within a drop-down “More” menu in calendar event notifications. The default for snoozing will be to snooze until 1-minute before your event is happening, but you can tweak that in your Calendar settings. You can also re-snooze for 5 minutes as many times as you’d like.


Snooze Google Calendar

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