Undo Tweet Button Coming to Twitter


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Ever since the service’s launch, folks have been interested in the idea of an Edit button for Twitter, capable of allowing users to correct typos and whatever other imperfections are present in their tweets — as if anyone actually gives a shit. Well, it appears Twitter is working on something similar, though, it’s not technically an Edit button.

Thanks to good spotting by @wongmjane on Twitter, it appears the company is working on an Undo button for when you’re sending out tweets. This feature would essentially give folks a moment to proofread their tweets for any corrections that may need to be made. Plus, it might help a few people who seem to tweet only when they’re really mad about things.

There are a lot of pros for having an Undo button, but since it’s not yet official, we’re not 100% sure on how the feature works. We assume it’s like Gmail’s undo feature that holds your email in limbo until the timer runs out and the email is sent off. We’ll await Twitter to confirm the details.

I know it’s not an Edit button, but it’s something!



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