Sony Xperia Pro Not Made for Amateurs, Available for $2499

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Sony has a new smartphone available, the long anticipated Xperia Pro. The only thing is, we didn’t know it’d be dropping with a $2500 price tag. Oof, that one hurts, Sony.

For specs, the Xperia Pro features a 6.5″ 21:9 CinemaWide 4K HDR OLED display (3840 x 1644), Snapdragon 865 processor (not an 865+), 4,000mAh battery, three rear facing cameras all at 12-megapixels (16mm ultra wide-angle lens, 24mm lens wide-angle lens, and 70mm telephoto lens), dedicated HDMI input, 5G connectivity, IP68 rating, and Android 10.

While that price tag is insane even for these specs, we have to realize that this is marketed to content creators and actual photography pros who could really benefit from the wireless technology built into this device. The main concept is that you’ll hook this 4K-toting smartphone to your select Sony alpha camera, shoot your shots, and then use the Verizon 5G mmW and sub-6 connectivity to transfer files instantly to the cloud and to your clients around the world. In short, it’s not made for you and me. It’s made for the real pros.

How Sony pictures everyone using the Xperia Pro

Special attention was paid to the 5G antenna in this device, designed to take full advantage of Verizon’s 5G networks. As you’ll read below, there’s no wrong way to hold this device for a good 5G signal, which is great to hear.

The Xperia PRO features a 360-degree antenna design, which covers all four sides of the device. This 360-degree antenna produces the most effective way to capture high-band frequency 5G mmWave signals. In addition, the low dielectric constant material used in the chassis of the Xperia PRO enables radio waves to pass through more easily. Together, these technologies help ensure optimized 5G signal strength connection, no matter how the user is holding the device or where it’s positioned.

This seems like a great device for the pros among us, but that price still seems crazy, right? Maybe it’s just me.

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