Your Galaxy S21 is Likely En Route

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Notifications are rolling out to Galaxy S21 buyers that Samsung has shipped out devices. Confirmed by our own Galaxy S21 Ultra order, shipments have indeed left the building and could arrive as early as Wednesday, January 27.

The official launch date for the Galaxy S21 lineup is January 29, so getting them a couple of days early is a nice touch. This isn’t always the case for phone releases, so we’ll take it when it happens.

Expect a whole lot of content once our unit shows up. Samsung was kind enough to leave us off their review unit list this time around, so if you see us posting unboxings, Things to Do, and all of that well after others, now you know why. We’re clearly upset about it and take it as disrespect. No more Mr. Nice Tato.

Have a new phone inbound?

Cheers Matt!



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