New Google Health Studies App Lets Everyone Contribute to Important Health Research

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Google released the Health Studies app to the Play Store this week, a home for institutions and everyday people to collect data on the things that affect us as a whole.

To explain the point of this app more clearly, anyone with an Android phone can take part in health studies from leading institutions by answering survey questions and contributing health data. According to Google’s description, “The app provides a platform for researchers to reach a large and diverse population so they can better understand human health, while providing the public with greater opportunities to contribute to medical research.”

Naturally, Google stresses that users have complete control over their data and ensures proper privacy.

For the first publicly available study, Google has partnered with the Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital for a study that will hopefully help scientists and public health communities better understand respiratory illnesses, including influenza and COVID-19.

If you want to volunteer for this study and future studies, download the app by following the link below.

Google Play Link

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