Latest YouTube Music Update is All About Mixes

YouTube Music

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YouTube Music has a fresh update for users this week, centered entirely around mixes and ensuring you have no shortage of them.

According to YouTube’s blog post that details the update, users will find up to seven new and distinct personalized My Mix playlists. Each mix is catered around your own tastes, but ultimately, should deliver a diverse range of artists and tracks. Now, if you want to get a bit Inception on it, there’s now a mix of your mixes called My Supermix (formerly known as Your Mix). This mix combines all of your music tastes into one eclectic listening experience.

It’s Mixception.

On top of those mixes, YouTube Music also details a new activity bar that gives you easy access to mixes for four featured activities: Workout, Focus, Relax, and Commute. If you’re ready to relax while driving, hit the Commute button. Ready to pump some iron? Hit the workout button. These quick mixes can be accessed from the home tab.

Enjoy your mixes.

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