Pixel 4a’s Fabric Case is so Cool You Can Wash It With Your Laundry

Pixel 4a Fabric Case

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The Google Pixel 4a might be a $350 phone, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still want to protect it. Should you choose to do so with an official case, Google has a fabric case available that is one of the coolest versions to date.

The new Google Pixela 4a fabric case is made from over 70% recycled plastic. It’s a similar material and idea to that of the new Nest Mini, where Google used recycled material to create its mesh. Google says that just two recycled plastic bottles can provide enough of this case’s outer fabric to make five cases.

The case’s coolness doesn’t stop there, though. Google is also using the jacquard pattern for better construction and a case that should last you longer. And if you happen to get your case dirty, you can toss it in with a load of laundry to clean it.

This fabric case isn’t cheap at $40, but it should fit like a glove on the Pixel 4a. If interested, it comes in three colors of Basically Black, Static Gray, and Blue. You can pre-order right here.

Pixel 4a Fabric Case

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