Get Ready for the OnePlus Nord AR Launch Event

OnePlus Nord Invite

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The teasing (and maybe the memes) comes to an end tomorrow when OnePlus officially unveils the OnePlus Nord, tells us when and where we can buy one, and for how much. Through a launch event that will be held as an AR experience and live stream with several YouTube channels, we’ll finally know the full story of OnePlus’ new budget phone.

There are multiple ways to experience Nord on July 21. First of all, you need to mark the time on you calendars as follows: 10AM Eastern (7AM Pacific). Got that?

The next thing you’ll need to do is decide if you want to be a part of the AR experience. If you do, go ahead and install the OnePlus Nord AR app (Google Play Link).  This app, once 7AM Pacific rolls around, will go live with an augmented reality experience, sort of like a hands-on in a virtual sense.

This AR app was built for folks who have a special invite with QR code and piece of cardboard. However, if you want to make your own to get the AR action going without the official invite, you can do just that. OnePlus has instructions for making your own OnePlus Nord cardboard right here.

And finally, if you want nothing to do with AR stuff, there will be a streamed launch event of some sort, which we have embedded below. You’ll also want to stick close to DL for all-day coverage of Nord and the OnePlus Buds.

For those not in the US and are planning to buy Nord, be sure to keep OnePlus’ Nord portal handy.



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