Photoshop Camera Arrives for Android, is Actually Pretty Damn Impressive

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Adobe released the official Photoshop Camera app for Android late last week and I played with it over the weekend. Basically, it’s a filter app that you can mess around with, creating unique looking shots which are good for sharing to your social accounts.

There are a few features available, but the big draw are the filters and real-time processing that takes place inside of the app. I’m sure Adobe poured a ton of resources into the app and it shows in the results.

Check out the example below. In the photo on the left, which is the original, we have a very typical June afternoon in Portland, OR. Totally grey and ugly. When you apply the blue sky filter, boom, you have yourself a beautiful day.

Overcast outside? Not with Photoshop Camera!

There are also extremely cheesy filters, such as the one that heads this post. Obviously, I didn’t take a trip to Jupiter this weekend, but if you’re into these sorta SciFi shots, it’s fun to play with.

The app also allows for downloading additional filters from a marketplace and provides a comprehensive editing suite for the photos you do capture. It’s a pretty sweet app, so definitely give it a go.

To have yourself some fun, download the app from Google Play below.

Google Play Link



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