Android 11 Beta Lifts Archaic 4GB Cap When Recording Videos

Pixel 3a

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Back in the day, hitting the 4GB cap on video recordings on your Android phone took a bit of work. This, of course, was before 4K and 8K video formats. Now with those things being commonplace on some devices, Google is apparently doing away with this limiter beginning with the first public beta of Android 11.

Now, this limit on file sizes didn’t really affect most people, unless you are making a lot of long videos on your phone. When you would reach the 4GB cap, the phone’s camera app would simply fire up a new file with no hiccup in recording taking place. It’d be then up to you to stitch the two videos together if need be. With the cap gone, your videos will now presumably go on and on until there’s no room left.

The only issue people are discovering is that apps will need to be updated in order to allow for this change. Since this has been discovered in the Android 11 beta, it’s understandable that most apps don’t yet have it working, most notably being Google’s own camera app. We assume that’ll change soon, though.

So there you have it. No more 4GB video recording caps. Thank you, Google.

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