No 100X Space Zoom for Galaxy Note 20 and That’s Just Fine

Galaxy S20 Ultra Camera

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On the Galaxy S20 Ultra this year, Samsung introduced the Space Zoom lens, a mixture of digital and optical zoom that created 100x images. Results were rather poor, mostly offering up photos that looked more like oil paintings than photographs. You can see a few of the better examples of Space Zoom in our S20 Ultra review.

According to noted Samsung insider @UniverseIce, the Galaxy Note 20 lineup will not feature Space Zoom, and for that, we thank them.

Space Zoom is a nifty idea, the issue is primarily size. If we had larger cameras with big lenses, I’m sure snapping zoomed images would be just fine, but what we have is handheld phones and users with shaky hands. Maybe if we all walked around with tripods for our devices we could capture some sweet shots, but that’s not how most users operate. I was turned on by the idea of Space Zoom, but the results weren’t there. It was a valiant effort, Samsung.

Who knows, maybe they’ll improve it somehow and include it with the Galaxy S21 Ultra next year? As a Samsung fan, would you miss this feature?



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