Home Depot has Nest Hub Max at $50 Off Right Now

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I’m up to 2 or 3 smart displays in my house and I get quite a bit of use out of them. The info they present, like reminders, the weather, and recipes, are all handy to have in almost every room. I also get mileage out of their Assistant abilities, smart home controls, and music capabilities, but to be honest, it’s the Google Photos integration that really sold me on buying so many.

Because look, at this time, where we’re all pushed apart from families and friends and stuck inside for what could be months, it’s pretty nice to walk into a room and catch a quick glimpse of my parents, my brother and my niece, trips we’ve all taken together, everyone’s pets, etc. Photos are something that can give us some hope, a reminder of times we had and that we’ll have again, that sort of thing.

So I wanted to point out that Google’s Nest Hub Max is $50 off right now at Home Depot. It’s $30 off everywhere else, but for whatever reason, Home Depot is bringing that extra juicy deal to $179.

At this time, it looks like they have both Chalk and Charcoal models too. Free delivery is included, plus there are store pickup options available.

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