Wednesday Question: What Makes a Phone Worth $1,400?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

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In my review for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, while I did say the phone was near perfect, I didn’t explicitly say that the phone is worth $1,400. However, that’s how much it costs and if I were to begin building a dream phone, it’s safe to say that the S20 Ultra is close to what I picture.

The phone has 5G for a future proofing, a ton of cameras for all sorts of shots (yes, Samsung needs to tweak the focusing), 8K video recording, about as large of a battery as you can have for a smartphone at 5,000mAh, fantastic hardware, 120Hz refresh rate-capable display, stereo speakers, the latest available silicon from Qualcomm, and the list goes on. Basically, whatever you can throw into a phone, the S20 Ultra has it.

If this is the case, then why is reddit upset and saying this phone is “overhyped” and that “It’s not perfection and it’s definitely NOT worth its price.”

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I don’t mind at all if people disagree with me. However, I’d love for a bit of dialogue on this subject. My question to you all is, what makes a phone worth $1,400? I know the quick answer for some is, “Nothing,” but let’s try to go deeper. Does it need to fold in half? Does it need to have a stylus? If the S20 Ultra isn’t worth $1,400 to you right now, what would make it worth that much?

Let me hear you!



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