Robert Downey Jr. Appears to Pose With OnePlus 8

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Robert Downey Jr. is probably enjoying life quite a bit these days, likely not needing to work another day in his next few lifetimes. However, the hustle never ceases. In what appears to be a photoshoot for the upcoming OnePlus 8, the Iron Man actor is seen posing with the device in photos that were posted by Sam Jones (a photographer) to Instagram.

The photos have since been pulled, but thanks to the internet, we can get a decent look at the phone’s backside via screen captures.

There isn’t all too much to see, but we can make out that the camera housing is vertical. Thanks to a color version of the photo, we can also see that an orange-ish, red-ish(?) color will be available. Oh, and we can see that RDJ is still a handsome gentleman.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we aren’t exactly sure when the OnePlus 8 will be available or announced, but we know it should be sometime soon-ish. The latest rumor is for April 14.

// Sam Jones (Instagram, since deleted) | GSM Arena



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