Google is Shutting Down Google One Today

Google One Today Shutdown

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Google is preparing to shutdown another service, the company announced today via email. The Google One Today program, which allowed people to donate to different nonprofit projects each day, will close up shop on February 6 after seven years of service.

The app lets you check out and learn about new US-based nonprofits, decide if you want to donate as little as $1 to them, do so discreetly if you need to, and possibly share your generosity with others to further help out these nonprofits. Donations were tax-deductible, there were no transaction fees, and the nonprofits were all validated by the IRS and Google For Nonprofits.

Google said today that it’s shutting down One Today because they are seeing “donors choose other products to fundraise for their favorite nonprofits.”

Going forward, no new nonprofits will be able to sign-up for One Today, the app will soon be turned off, and any open projects will be deleted. Google ensures us that it will donate 100% of funds to their respective projects prior to shutdown on February 6.


To learn more, head over to the Google One Today website.

Google One Today Shutdown

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