This Guy Put a Google Nest Hub Max in His Wall

Nest Hub Max Wall Mount

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The Nest Hub units that Google sells can be very useful smart home controllers, the problem with them is they take up counter or shelf space. Google doesn’t make an in-wall smart display, so in order to use one, finding the optimal counter placement where you’ll find easy access can be tricky. Or, if you are a crafty beast, you could slap one in the wall.

Shared today to reddit, some guy took the bigger Nest Hub Max, cut a hole in his wall, and dropped it in with power. It looks pretty good too!

Now, tossing a Hub or Hub Max into a wall sort of kills it as being a speaker, but if you happen to own other speakers in your home that you’d use for music, this is a pretty sweet solution. Again, since Google doesn’t make a wall-mounted smart display (they should), this basically gives you that.

If you were to do this, you’d have the Google Assistant on a wall, at a level that might make it easier to interact with, almost like a smart home controller. For example, this guy put his on a support wall next to his kitchen where he has light switches that he likely interacts with on a regular basis. It’s the ultimate spot for something like a smart display, especially if you want to manually control smart home items from Google Home, chat with the front-facing camera, etc.

How’d this guy do it? You’ll find more on that at the reddit link below. The picture that was posted is from a mount maker who said they don’t plan to make a mount for the Hub Max because of the added woofer it has. I’m guessing he might be the guy behind these regular Nest Hub in-wall mounts.

Anyone want to come do this to my house? I am not handy.

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